Welcome to the wonderful links page! All of the links I have here are for my favorite webcomics since they're the best thing on the world-wide-web! I'm sorry but I don't do link exchanges. I link what I like; end of story. Since Catching Dreams is a link free site, feel free to link me here if you enjoy this site.

The tale of a dumb-blonde who messes around in time with a half-naked, half-dragon dude and a critic of a dragon. (Of course, the plot is a lot better than my description.) It's an awesome fantasy-gone-wrong comedy and well-worth the read. Beautiful, in-color artwork and fun characters.
Being a VERY creative concept, 9th Elsewhere deals with inside the dreams of a pessimestic girl and her spicy muse (he's supposed to be 'oddball' so sue me if you disagree that drawings can be hot) who are trapped there. Yay for chartreuse pygmy hippos!
Definitely one of the best anthro stuff I've ever seen. Normally I don't really like antros but this one is an exception. I'm not quite sure what the storyline is but the comic is funny, vivid, and has awesome art!
My favorite part about this webcomic is the art! It's so pretty and colorful; just what a webcomic should be. Definitely a remarkable piece of work and the story is intriguing.
Dealing with the all-american highschool students, this comic strip is humourous and full of life (wow, do I feel full of corn saying that). If you like blunt and slightly dirty humor, definitly check this out.
Another beautifully done comic which is fun and has a GREAT story line. Although this one isn't in color, the great grayscaling job and line art make up for it. The characters in this comic are especially charming and unique as the japanese style goes (even just a tad bit on the western style side). Clearly beats most webcomics (and even graphic novels) in character design.
Kagerou is mostly about a girl-boy who is mentally insane and is in a world with fairy boys, princesses, and godly desputes. This comic has been running for a loooong time and the author is excellent at updating (plus it's in COLOR!) I betcha that Kano's whole advanture in this fantasy land is all in his head ~_^.
Dun da da daaaaaa!! This is my webcomic which is currently underway. It's about how a girl, Sony, deals with the Devil (whadoyaknow? Just like the title). Go check it out if you like COOOLLLLOOOR!!! WHOOP! (though it makes it awfully strenuous to update it)